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Sobre nosotros

Sobre nosotros

Shunsen Industries Corporation se especializa en investigación y desarrollo, producción, ventas y servicios de piedras artificiales de cuarzo. Nuestra empresa se ha formado en el año 2006. Tenemos experiencia en exportación comercial y con el objetivo de ser China superior de cuarzo fabricante piedra. nuestras ventajas incluyen: ● área de la fábrica de 10000sqm, con 120 trabajadores y cuarzo avanzadas líneas de producción. ● producción anual de 600000sqm. ● con el principal mercado en América de...

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Countertop maintenance

Quartz stone is known as the first choice for cabinet countertops. Quartz stone plates are artificial quartz stone products, which are the perfect combination of natural beauty and high technology. After nearly two decades of development in China, quartz technology has surpassed foreign technology. The research and development, promotion and popularization of quartz stone confirm that domestic quartz stone has developed to a new height. China's quartz stone manufacturers have now become the global quartz stone production and export base from the initial cottage imitation to the current independent research and development and production. According to statistics, China currently has thousands of quartz stone production enterprises, and there are many small-scale manufacturers that are still imitating the trend, resulting in uneven quality of the quartz stone market. There are even some production and sales of "high imitation quartz stone" driven by profits. The so-called "high imitation quartz stone" is similar in appearance to quartz stone. The quartz sand content in the plate is very small, and its quality is even more worrying!




The advantages of quartz stone are scratch resistance, wear resistance, penetration resistance, environmental protection and high hardness. How to distinguish the authenticity of the quartz stone you bought? The following points can quickly help you distinguish!

1. Test the anti-permeability, the water absorption rate of quartz stone plate is 0.02%, the density of the plate can reach 2.6g / per cubic centimeter, plus the surface without capillary holes and small cracks, there is little possibility of liquid penetration. A small amount of soy sauce can be dropped on the surface of the plate and washed for 24 hours. If it penetrates into the plate, it is unqualified.


2. Hardness test, the hardness of quartz stone plate (JG / T 463-2014) is stipulated as Mohs hardness 5 level, that is, the general iron can not cause damage to its surface, so we can use iron nail to scratch the surface test, black The mark is qualified, and the white scratch is unqualified.

3. To avoid some undesirable businesses, in order to maximize the benefits, the raw materials are doped with calcium powder for filling, and oxalic acid can be used for testing. Take a small amount of oxalic acid and drop it into the surface of the board. If bubbles appear, it means that the board contains calcium powder. The test time should not exceed half an hour. After the test, clean or dry it with clean water or soapy water.

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